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Who Is Archery For?

Are you looking for a relaxing way to spend a Sunday morning? Enjoy a cuppa and chat with friends at our Mountain Archers club. Archery is for everyone!

Archery is a fun, focused sport that is easy to get into and offers a great range of levels of skills to master. Improve your hand-eye coordination, develop a sense of focus, calmness, and experience the unique thrill of landing an arrow in the dead center of your target!

Archery is not only a great way to stay in shape, it offers an outlet to enjoy a sense of self improvement and accomplishment. At Mountain Archers, we are not competitive with each other. Rather, we encourage each other to be the best we can be, and continue to improve on our best performances.

Compound Archery

Looking for becoming the most consistent, accurate shooter you can possibly be using the most cutting edge and exciting advancements in technology? Shooting a Compound Bow is just right for you. Compound bows can shoot farther, faster, and more accurately, making use of different kinds of sights, stabilizers, shock absorbers, and release aids.

Olympic Recurve

Want to shoot like competitors in the Olympics? This style of archery takes the shape of traditional bows and makes use of modern technology to help archers achieve their optimal accuracy and consistency. These bows may be physically taller than Compound bows, but they are easier to maintain due to the lack of mechnical moving parts (known as the cam). These bows use a wide range of accessories like the Compound Bows, so if you like to tinker and customize your gear, this may be for you.

Traditional (Barebow) Archery

Looking for a way to connect back with a sense of nature? With traditional archery, feel the wind in your hair, as nothing stands between you and your target except a stick and a string. These bows may either be of single construction or multiple parts which can be disassembled for easy transport. These bows don’t use accessories such as sights or release aids and is not expected to shoot the same kind of accuracy at the distances an Olympic Recurve or Compound bow shoots. If you want a simpler experience with less factors to keep track of, this is the bow for you.


Crossbows are the most restricted type of equipment used for target Archery. As Members of Archery NSW, our club facilitates the use of Crossbows at our range. Crossbows offer an entirely different shooting style and set of exciting challenges. Ownership and use of a Crossbow requires an explicit permit that can take up to 3 years to acquire. Due to this, Crossbows are much less common than other kinds of shooting styles, and our trainers do not offer lessons on the Crossbow.

Crossbows are a prohibited weapon in NSW and as such are subject to a $10,000.00 fine to anyone using or in possession of one without being the holder of a NSW Police Commissioners exemption permit.

Our experts Club Members are more than happy to offer advice to help you decide on what equipment may best fit your needs, and even help you set it all up.

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