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Safety And Rules

Safety Rules 

(a physical copy to be given to all who attend ‘come and try’ sessions or beginner Classes)

It is the responsibility of all club participants to follow the Club’s policies with regard to their behaviour and use of the range. The safety requirements below include, but are not limited to the following;

A visitor or non-member to the club who undertakes any shooting activity must be a Temporary Member of Archery Australia. Ensure that all ‘come-n-try’ Sessions or Course Class participants have signed the Attendance Register Book (as temporary member).

Shooting Safety

  1. The shooting line will be controlled by your instructor.
  2. The Instructor will blow the whistle two times to approach the shooting line. The instructor will then blow the whistle one time to commence shooting.
  3. When all shooters have finished and have stepped back behind the shooting line, the instructor will blow the whistle three times to collect arrows. Everyone must move together. Shooting will not commence until everyone is back on the shooting line.
  4. If there is a dog or person that crosses the shooting line, all archers must lower their bows and wait for the instructor to ensure that it is safe to shoot again. The instructor will blow 4 whistles in such instances to stop all shooting immediately.
  5. Everyone must stay together on the shooting line which is marked. Do not step back or forward off this line to shoot.

Arrow Safety

  1. Due to Covid-19 precautions, archers who are not in a family group or reside in the same household must only collect their own identified arrows.
  2. When carrying arrows back from the targets, ensure to hold the arrows towards the front end. There is less chance to hurt yourself.
  3. When removing arrows from targets, hold them as close to the front of the arrow as possible. Do not pull arrows out from the back end, as it may damage the arrow and pull the target forward.
  4. Running close to the archers and archery range is not safe.

Bow Use Safety

  1. Our archery field is located in a public space and all archers must be aware when people are walking on the top path above the oval, or the path to the side of the oval.
  2. Bows are not permitted to be pointed high towards the sky as an accidental release may cause an arrow to reach this area and potentially injure passers-by. Best to aim no higher than the top of the target.
  3. Bows must never be drawn back with an arrow fitted unless the bow is pointed toward the targets and the field of play is clear of archers and officials, pets or passers-by.
  4. Bows loaded with arrows are not to be pointed at any person.
  5. Bows must never be shot without an arrow, this can damage the bow limbs.

Personal Safety

  1. Archers should not wear loose clothing that may become ensnared in the bow and walking barefoot is not permitted.
  2. Always ensure that you have sufficient water and use sunscreen and a hat in hot sunny weather.


  1. It is important that we have regard for others while shooting
  2. At the end of each session, please assist the instructor in putting away the equipment.

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